Horse riding Sicily

horse riding Sicily, from Trapani to Erice

Are you trying to figure out where you can go horse riding in Sicily?

Today we’ll talk about a very suggestive itinerary that from Trapani takes you to the top of mount Erice, for a walk with truly breathtaking views.

If you are a horse lover, Sicily is definitely the ideal place to go for a hike and that’s for two reasons.

The first is the geographical conformation of the region, which gives visitors the opportunity to go for walks in the mountains with a wonderful view of the coasts that surround it.

Obviously there are also options that take you directly to the sea, so much so that you can breathe the breeze and have the opportunity to even enter the water on horseback! (Outside of the summer season when the beaches are crowded and it can become dangerous to get too close in the saddle).

The second reason is that Sicily is rich in “trazzere” (also called “mule tracks”), routes that connect practically the whole region and which were used in the past to transport goods thanks to mules.

This means that you will be able to truly immerse yourself in nature, thus avoiding paved roads and crowded places. You will also be able to enjoy a satisfying horse ride in Sicily in total safety.

The stages of your itinerary on horseback from Trapani to Erice

The stages of your itinerary on horseback from Trapani to Erice

The path that we offer you today is truly a gem that few people know. This is an excursion from Trapani to Erice and back, for a total of about 4 hours.

The climb up the mountain allows you to enjoy a truly unique perspective that will leave you speechless.

You can choose a riding stable in the Trapani area to your liking, there are some also near the highway exit, and then choose one of the paths that lead up to Erice.

During the path that takes you to the top you will be able to admire the Castle of Erice in all its splendor. During the descent, however, you will be able to satisfy your eyes with a breathtaking view of the Marsala salt pans.

At the same time, you will have the opportunity to lose your gaze on the horizon by observing the Egadi islands when the sky is clear.

This small village is famous among tourists who come on holiday to Sicily for its position that offers postcard views.

In addition to this you can have breakfast with the very famous “Genovesi” you can find in any pastry shop; they are typical shortcrust pastry filled with delicious warm yellow cream.

That’s why horseback riding in Erice is an experience that will certainly involve all your senses!

Are there horse rides in Sicily for beginners?

horse excursions Trapani Erice Sicily

Of course!

There are not many, but there are some riding schools where the excursions are organized according to the level of the participants.

So if you are a beginner, you can enjoy a day at a slow pace.

If you already have experience instead, you can change your pace and experience the thrill of trotting or galloping immersed in this truly magical setting.

How much does horseback riding cost in Sicily?

horseback riding in Sicily

The price generally varies according to the type of route and the duration.

On average, for a walk of one or two hours, the price varies between € 30 and € 40. For three-hour excursions and more, the prices start from a price of € 50 up to a maximum of € 80 for day tours.


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