Sailing holidays in Sicily with skipper

Sailing holidays in Sicily with skipper
The deck of a sailboat. At the bow it is possible to see the tender, an auxiliary dinghy.

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Are you thinking about sailing holidays in Sicily with skipper?

Well, you are spot on!

The skippered yacht charter in Sicily is just the perfect way of exploring the small islands and discovering all the unbeaten routes in a safe way.

If you haven’t got the sailing license or you simply don’t have that much sailing experience, you can entrust the responsibility for the trip to a professional skipper and just enjoy your trip.

The crewed yacht charter in Sicily is a suitable choice for families with children or people who want to explore the routes (usually Egadi and Aeolian islands, but also Pelagian islands, Ustica and Lampedusa) in a different way. It might be a good idea also in case you own the boating license, but simply want to feel safe and enjoy the journey.

Skippered yacht charter in Sicily: great knowledge of the Sicilian coast and beyond

Skipper at the helm of a sailing boat in Sicily
Skipper at the helm of a sailing boat in Sicily

Moreover, the long-term skippers know very well not only the sailing itineraries in Sicily, but also the single landings and all the beautiful things to do once you get off the boat.

A good skipper, in addition to making you feel safe as regards the management of the boat, once ashore can also be precious because he can provide you with lots of valuable advice on restaurants, aperitifs, places not to be missed and events that are not for “tourists”. 

Furthermore, a sailing holiday in Sicily with skipper is also an excellent opportunity to actively participate in navigation and maneuvers. If you already have the sailing license, you will be able to learn the rudiments of sailing and steal the secrets of the sea from those who are more experienced and have a lot to tell.

Sailing holidays in Sicily with skipper: an added value for the whole crew

Beautiful sunset seen from a sailing boat in navigation around Sicily
Beautiful sunset seen from a sailing boat in navigation around Sicily

During your stay on board, you will therefore have the opportunity to get the services of a professional sailor and his specific knowledge of the navigation area. You will have the chance to experience a truly unique and certainly more intense experience, as a local would do.

The skipper is available for any rental, regardless of the sailing area, duration of the trip and type of sailboat chosen (monohull, catamaran or motor boat for example).

He can stay on board for the entire duration of the boat trip or only for a few days, according to your requests when you hired the boat.

Once on board, you must give the skipper a cabin where he can sleep, even if in the absence of an available cabin the captain can also be content to sleep in the dinette (the sofas in the living room). In fact, many boats have a folding dinette that allows for an additional comfortable place to sleep.

The skipper’s food and drinks are also charged to the tenant: it will therefore be sufficient to also consider the skipper when making the galley, just before departure.

Boat rental with skipper: answers to your questions

“Is it advisable to hire a skipper for my sailing holiday in Sicily?” 

Hiring a skipper is the best solution when, for example, you do not have a sailing license, or if no one among the crew members is suitable to provide concrete help on the bridge, especially for all those operations involving the opening and closing of sails as well as docking in port. 

In Sicily in particular this can be an advantage especially in the month of August, when the moorings are particularly difficult due to overcrowding. The skipper has a deep knowledge of the navigation area and he can help you to avoid all those pitfalls such as the fearsome rocks just beneath the surface that are easy to be found in the Aeolian Islands and in particular in Salina, Lipari, Alicudi and Filicudi.

“How much does it cost to hire a professional skipper?” 

The remuneration of a professional skipper is around € 130 / € 150 per day, also depending on the type of boat chosen. This cost does not depend on the number of passengers on board or on the chosen itinerary. 

“Will the skipper be the only person to manage the boat or will I be able to participate in the maneuvers?” 

The skipper is responsible for the maneuvers and safety of the boat. Depending on your level of sailing experience, you can participate in the maneuvers in case the skipper requests your help. 

Usually the captains like to show how a sailboat works and provide useful information for an optimal use of the spaces on board. Furthermore, each skipper always has a lot to tell about the sea and navigation, thanks to the great experience and the many journeys already faced. 

“What does the skipper do in the evening when he is not sailing?”

A catamaran and other boats anchored in a bay of the Aeolian Islands
A catamaran and other boats anchored in a bay of the Aeolian Islands

It will depend on where you moor the yacht and on the life of the group. On board a sailboat, each crew lives according to their own pace and desire to have fun. This varies according to many factors: the composition of the group (family with children or group of friends), the interests of the group, the weather conditions. 

If you invite the captain ashore for the evening when the crew goes to the restaurant, for example, he can agree to come with you or choose to stay on board. 

Remember that your skipper gets up very early in the morning and probably prefers to go to bed after a long day of sailing. 

It may also happen that the weather conditions suggest the arrival of a storm and for this reason the skipper may prefer to remain on board so as to be able to protect the boat. In this regard, it can always be useful to consult the bulletin of the seas.

“Will our skipper speak English?” 

Skippers are very often natives of the country you visit and speak English at a level sufficient to ensure adequate conversation and a perfect stay on board. If the crew also includes members of other nationalities, you may prefer a skipper who speaks a second language common to all the crew. Ask first to make sure you choose the right captain. 

“What is the added value of renting a sailboat with a skipper?” 

The skipper is a qualified professional who has excellent knowledge of the navigation area of ​​your choice and will share experiences and information with you that no one else would be able to provide you with. 

Sailing around the Sicilian coast can hide pitfalls, especially near the Aeolian Islands, where there may be rocks just below the surface of the water which, if not noticed on the nautical chart, can give rise to unpleasant episodes. In this case, knowledge of the navigation area is essential. 

Furthermore, your holiday on board will be even more beautiful if before departure you define together the travel program and therefore the itinerary, the route, the choice of stops, the pace of navigation, the points of interest and what you want to do most.

Sicilian skipper who has just caught an amberjack on a sailing boat while sailing
Sicilian skipper who has just caught an amberjack on a sailing boat while sailing

Last but not least, consider that some skippers have a passion for fishing and cast the hook while sailing. If you love fresh fish, ask your skipper if he intends to bring fishing equipment with him! 

“Can we hire a skipper to take part in a flotilla?” 

Yes, and the rules are the same. With the captain you have chosen you will participate in the flotilla as well as the other boats engaged in this activity. This is the perfect solution if you have no knowledge of sailing and have a strong desire to start understanding the basics of sailing while on vacation.

Sailboats during a flotilla in Sicily, which is a group of boats sailing together to the same destination
Sailboats during a flotilla in Sicily, which is a group of boats sailing together to the same destination

Same if you don’t trust yourself too much, if you are sailing for the first time on a sailboat in Sicily or if you have never rented a boat of a certain size and are afraid of having difficulties in managing it. 

Finally, remember that if you are traveling alone or as a couple, you can also choose the “in the cabin” option to join a crew you will know at the time of boarding. 

Therefore, if you are looking for absolute relaxation and safety for the entire crew, choosing a sailing holiday with skipper in Sicily is the solution that suits you best.


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